The Digital Key Fob - E/F/G/A9X Chassis

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We are so excited to add this digital key to our key fob modification line up!  We continue to work closely with our manufacturer to ensure the quality of the physical components meet our expectations here at Gates Innovations and excited to get these keys in your hands!


  • Please understand that this is a modification service.
    • This is a 1 to 1 modification and the donor key you send will no longer work afterwards.
    • The donor key must be properly working with your vehicle prior to sending to us.
    • We are unable to create duplicate keys.


  • All E Chassis (Requires Keyless Start)
  • All F Chassis (Donor key must be OEM)
  • All G Chassis
  • Supra A9X
  • Vehicles with aftermarket alarm/remote start is not compatible with this service.


  • Submit your Order.
  • We will notify you via E-Mail when it’s time to ship your key to us and will provide a ship to address.
    • Customer to cover initial shipping to us, however we will cover return shipping for all orders within the Continental US.  International customers will be charged for return shipping at checkout and will be shipped via UPS International Expedite.
  • Once we receive your key, we first test your key to ensure it’s working properly and then proceed to check your key into the work queue.
    • Due to current huge backlog, our estimated turnaround time is ~30 days.  Our general rule of thumb is that you'll receive your key the following month you ordered in.
    • Due to large volumes of keys coming in, if your tracking number shows delivered, we definitely have it.  We are unable to individually confirm via email that we've received each key.
    • As part of our check in process, you'll receive an automated tracking email as this is when we print the labels.  From this point, we typically will have your key shipped within 2-6 business days.
  • We perform the modification service here at Gates Innovations and put your key through final tests to ensure that it’s properly working.
  • Once complete, we ship your new Digital Key that’s ready to go out of the box with no programming needed on your side.

Digital Key Details

  • Sleek design with Gorilla Glass
  • Built in 450mA Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • USB C Port for Charging
  • Physical Side Buttons: Screen On/Off, Unlock, Lock, Trunk
  • On Screen Buttons: Lock, Unlock, Trunk, Alarm, and Previous Menu
  • Button functionality, comfort access, vehicle feature coding, and dealer key scanning will continue to work as expected. Thus, no loss in existing key features.
  • This Digital Key does not have a physical key. Comfort access will continue to work even if the battery is dead for up to 1 year.

What’s Included

  • Modified Digital Key
  • USB C Cable
  • Bluetooth enabled OBD Adapter

User Experience Expectations

  • Processor and Touch Screen
    • Because this is the first version of this key, a more economical processor and touch screen was chosen to keep costs down. You will notice slight delays in screen on time and swiping from screen to screen.
    • Please understand that these are not like modern cell phones with 120Hz OLED screens.


  • All Digital Keys come with a 6 month warranty. (v1.0)

Refund Policy

  • If we have not checked in your key for the modification service yet, you can still request for a refund, less return shipping.
  • Once we begin the service, we are unable to provide a refund.

Optional Accessories


    • Do you offer key cutting service for the new key?
      • No, this digital key does not have a physical key.
    • Are your key's OEM or Aftermarket?
      • The housing is Aftermarket.  We work closely with our manufacturer to ensure that we provide the highest quality product possible.
      • How much does the new key weigh?
        • Your new digital key will weigh around 82.5g
      • Will you send my donor key back and will it still work?
        • Yes, we'll send your donor key back.  This is a 1 to 1 modification, thus your donor key will no longer function after the modification has been completed.
        • Will everything still work like before?
          • Button functionality, comfort access, vehicle feature coding, and dealer key scanning will continue to work as expected.
        • Do I need to program/code the new key to my car?
          • No, your new digital key will function right out of the box.
        • I only have one key, what are my options?
          • Purchase a new key fob remote through your local BMW dealer prior to sending your key in for the modification service.  You can purchase the key fob remote portion without the physical key.
        • Is this safe?  What happens if you break my key?  How do you know my key works before you send it back?
          • Because there is a human element in the modification process, a risk is going to exist.  However, we've completed over one thousands keys without a single catastrophic loss.  If we were to damage your key beyond repair during the modification, we would reach out immediately and cover costs associated with purchasing a new key through your local BMW dealer and also refund your modification service purchase.
          • We test your key for functionality prior to performing the modification service.  We use a software defined radio to read out each button press, which we capture in HEX format, to confirm initial functionality.  Upon completion of the modification, we confirm each button press matches the original captured HEX strings during the initial functionality test.
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