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Does your vehicle have comfort access?


Fall and Winter 2022 Sale: Keep in mind that listed lead times below do not apply to this sale.  With the holidays around the corner, we've added capacity and which will help keep lead time's low.  Happy Holidays!

Ready to upgrade your existing E Chassis key fob to an X5M Key Fob?  Send us your key and we'll get it done for you!  It's an amazing upgrade and feels great in the hand as it's heavier than the typical E Chassis Key Fob.


  • Once purchased, you will receive an email advising where to send your key.  Customer to cover initial shipping to us, however we will cover return shipping*.
  • Typical turnaround time is 2-6 business days after we've received your key.
  • Choosing the 'Expedite' option ensures 1 day turn around with overnight return shipping via UPS within the Continental US.  
  • International customers receive 2-3 day return shipping via UPS Worldwide Expedite.  Please understand that there may be shipping delays outside of our control.
  • If you'd like both of your keys done, select QTY 2 at checkout and we'll cover shipping both ways on your second key.  Upon receiving your first modded key, use the provided return shipping label to send us your second key.
  • Keep in mind that there is cutting of your donor key and it will no longer be functional after the modification has been performed.  We will send the original donor key parts back.
  • The physical key blade is blank and is unable to be cut as the physical E series key is physically different.
  • The fourth alarm button is a dummy button only.
  • Comfort access, vehicle feature coding, and dealer key scanning will continue to work as expected.
  • Color add-on options available here: E CHASSIS KEY COLOR ADD ON


  • 1 Series E81/E82/E88 2007-2012
  • 1 Series E87 2004-2011
  • 3 Series E90/E91 2005-2011
  • 3 Series E92/E93 2007-2011
  • 5 Series E60/E61 2006-2010
  • X Series E70 2006-2013
  • X Series E71/E72 2008-2014
  • **NOW COMPATIBLE** Z4 E89 2009-2016

Additional Information:

  • When adding this product to your cart, in the 'Special instructions for seller' section, please enter in your vehicle model and year.
  • Please ensure your vehicle is in the compatibility list.
  • Please ensure that you have a properly functioning OEM key, with a battery installed, prior to sending.  Failure to do this may result in a non-functioning replacement key and a lost donor key at the customer's expense.
  • *Return shipping is covered for customers within the Continental US only.  International customers will be charged for return shipping at checkout.
  • Please ensure you pad the key well and ship using a small box.  We do not recommend bubble mailers as your key can get damaged during shipping.
  • Please provide your order number on a piece of paper and include it in the box when shipping to avoid delays.
  • Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions prior to purchase.


  • Are your key's OEM or Aftermarket?
    • The roundel is brand new and a Genuine BMW part.  Keep in mind that these naturally yellow over time.
    • Both the housing and PCB Board are Aftermarket.  We work closely with our manufacturer to refine various aspects of the key and are currently on the 3rd revision.  We also re-spun the PCB to address the slow current draw issue causing batteries to die prematurely, available only through Gates Innovations.
  • Are the buttons metal or plastic?
    • Both the silver and black buttons are plastic.  The black buttons just have a textured finish versus smooth on the silver buttons.
  • How much does the new key weigh?
    • The modified F85 X5M key weighs: ~75g
    • The OEM EXX key weighs: ~35g
  • Will you send my donor key back and will it still work?
    • Yes, we'll send your donor key back.  This is a 1 to 1 modification, thus your donor key will no longer function after the modification has been completed.  We suggest that you hold onto your donor key parts in case you ever want to revert back.
  • Do you offer a warranty?
    • Yes, this service includes a non-transferrable Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Please reach out to support@gatesinnovations.com to submit a warranty request.
  • I scratched my key, is there anything you can do?
    • Spare parts are available for purchase, but we currently only carry the 3rd revision key parts.  A spare parts section will be added to the online store Q3 2021.  In the meantime, you can reach out to support@gatesinnovations.com to request for spare parts.
  • Will everything still work like before?
    • Button functionality, comfort access, vehicle feature coding, and dealer key scanning will continue to work as expected.
  • Do I need to program/code the new key to my car?
    • No, the new modified X5M key will function right out of the box.
  • I only have one key, what are my options?
    • We offer an expedite option where you jump to the front of the line, receive a guaranteed 1 day turnaround time, and return overnight shipping via UPS (within the Continental US only).  International customers receive 2-3 day return shipping via UPS Worldwide Expedite.  Please understand that there may be shipping delays outside of our control.
    • Purchase a new key fob remote through your local BMW dealer prior to sending your key in for the modification service.  You can purchase the key fob remote portion without the physical key.  Your original physical key can be used with your new key from BMW as your new X5M key will have a cut key.
  • Is this safe?  What happens if you break my key?  How do you know my key works before you send it back?
    • Because there is a human element in the modification process, a risk is going to exist.  However, we've completed hundreds of keys without a single catastrophic loss.  If we were to damage your key beyond repair during the modification, we would reach out immediately and cover costs associated with purchasing a new key through your local BMW dealer and also refund your modification service purchase.
    • We test your key for functionality prior to performing the modification service.  We use a software defined radio to read out each button press, which we capture in HEX format, to confirm initial functionality.  Upon completion of the modification, we confirm each button press matches the original captured HEX strings during the initial functionality test.
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